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To reach a destination you need to know where you are starting from. Scanning your landscape is an essential step in understanding your starting point, and all the pluses and minuses.

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"A goal is just a wish without a written plan". Larry Elder

The power of writing down a plan is immense. Research suggests that chances of achieving goals are significantly increased when committed to in writing.

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"Between the idea and the action falls the shadow."
T.S. Elliot

Breaking personal goals down into achievable chunks is a fundamental part of executing a plan.

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"What gets measured gets done". Peter Drucker

Everyone has a bias for being overly enthusiastic in what they want to achieve. Monitoring allows feedback so motivation for the life of the plan can be maintained.

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People can not accurately predict the future, however they can make their best hypothesis and act on it.

Adapting to the realities is what makes a robust PersonalPlanTM and successful execution of that plan.

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A coach is an essential partner in assisting and improving your performance as well as helping you remain on track with achieving your goals.